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We are on your team when sports betting becomes a problem.

We are on your team when sports betting becomes a problem. If your sports betting is getting out of control, we are on your team. No judging. Just listening. We can help!

Stop HIV Iowa

Did you know that substance use can present direct and indirect risks, increasing the chance that you may be exposed to HIV? Stop HIV Iowa is your state resource to find information on HIV prevention, testing, treatment, and support services.

Intimate partner violence impacts 1 in 4 women

Intimate partner violence impacts as many as one in 4 women and 1 in 9 men, and can include severe intimate partner physical violence, intimate partner contact sexual violence, and/or intimate partner stalking. Your Life Iowa encourages you to learn about risks, resources and ways to support those you care about.

April is National Alcohol Awareness Month

April is Alcohol Awareness Month and the Iowa Department of Public Health wants to remind you there is “Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow”. Click "Read More" to access prevention resources, learn how alcohol impacts Iowans, and find local prevention and treatment professionals near you.

Iowa's Good Samaritan Law

Iowa's Good Samaritan Law encourages those who witness a drug overdose to stay and call 911, rather than running out of fear of prosecution.

September is National Recovery Month

Every September, SAMHSA sponsors Recovery Month to increase awareness and understanding of mental and substance use disorders and celebrate the people who recover. The annual theme is Join the Voices for Recovery: Invest in Health, Home, Purpose, and Community.

September is National Suicide Prevention Month

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in five American adults and children will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime and 90 percent of those who die by suicide have an underlying mental illness. September is National Suicide Prevention Month and thoughts of suicide can impact anyone regardless of age, gender or background. Suicidal thoughts should not be ignored and often indicate a more serious illness. Help and hope is available.  

Methamphetamine In Iowa

Iowa has experienced a 38% increase in methamphetamine treatment admissions over the past four years. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse,  "Methamphetamine is a highly addictive stimulant. When people stop taking it, withdrawal symptoms can include anxiety, fatigue, severe depression, psychosis, and intense drug cravings.

Brain Injury and You!

Each year, approximately 30,000 Iowans experience a brain injury that results in a visit to an emergency department, admission to a hospital or death. Traumatic brain injuries, sometimes called concussions, are commonly caused by a fall, motor vehicle crash, assault or a sports injury, and can sometimes go undiagnosed. 

Smoking is the LEADING CAUSE of preventable death.

Quitline Banner , Women operator , Male caller

Seventy-five percent of Iowans that smoke say they want to try to quit within the next year. If that describes you, Quitline Iowa is here to help.