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Everyone needs help sometimes. That’s why the Iowa Department of Public Health has created So you can get help for alcohol, drug and gambling problems, suicidal thoughts, and more from experts dedicated to the health of Iowans. Chat live, get reliable information and treatment options, and find help near you. Because you can lean on us.

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We are waiting to help!  Get information and support from experts dedicated to the health of Iowans.  We're your everyday life support.

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Text us now!  Get information and support from experts dedicated to the health of Iowans. We're your everyday life support.

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The lives of Iowans are positively impacted when communities support prevention services. By working with IDPH funded agencies and coalitions to explore opportunities for prevention services, the onset of substance misuse and/or problem gambling behaviors can be greatly reduced.

Help for Parents and Teens

As a parent or a teen facing a problem with alcohol or drug use, gambling, and suicidal thoughts, you can always turn to Your Life Iowa.

Mental Health Resources

Take a first look at what will become your link to mental health resources near you. Stay tuned as more information will be coming soon!

Opioids in Iowa

Did you know in the last decade that Opioid (e.g., heroin, morphine, prescription painkillers, etc.) overdose deaths in Iowa increased by over 300%?
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Prevention Resources

Access prevention resources.
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Help for Parents

As a parent, caregiver, friend or relative, it’s important to know the warning signs and talk to your kids early – and often.
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Help for Teens

You might not think drinking or using drugs every now and then is a big deal. But the choices you make as a teenager can affect your life for years to come.
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Iowa's Good Samaritan Law

Iowa's Good Samaritan Law can save lives. Spread the word, "Don't run! Call 911!
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Finding alcohol, drug or problem gambling treatment is only a click away.
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