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Don't miss life's special moments

Mom hugging daughter, who is wearing a wedding dress.Excessive alcohol use is a leading preventable cause of death nationwide. Alcohol related deaths shorten lives by 26 years.

Each year, alcohol use causes 140,000 deaths and $249 billion in economic costs. One in five deaths are among adults ages 20 to 89 are alcohol related.1

Your Life Iowa encourages you to learn the warning signs of an alcohol problem. Excessive alcohol use is drinking eight or more drinks per week for women and 15 or more drinks per week for men. 

Abstaining from alcohol may improve liver and heart health. It may also reduce the risk of cancer and result in weight loss. It reduces the chances of death due to an alcohol-related cause.

Ready to start your recovery journey? Have questions or concerns about a loved one’s alcohol use? We can help! Your Life Iowa provides a listening ear and will help connect you to local resources. Don’t miss out on life’s moments due to excessive alcohol use.


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