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Recovery is possible

(Published June 5, 2022)

Thousands of Iowans, as well as millions of people across the country, are in recovery. Many started at a recovery-oriented behavioral healthcare provider or other local recovery support program. Your Life Iowa is here to help you or a loved one start or maintain sobriety by connecting you with available resources and providing crisis support over the phone, text, or chat. All Your Life Iowa services are free.

Iowans' Stories

We know that no two recovery stories are the same. So we talked to Iowans to hear their authentic, personal stories of recovery - you can read these real stories of Iowans in recovery on our new recovery page on the Your Life Iowa website

Hear from Tara, who "had to do something about it or I would soon lose everything, including my life."

Read about Bill, who is now a substance abuse counselor after starting his sobriety journey in 1996. 

Or listen to Dakotah, whose substance abuse was more than a physical dependence. It grew out of the people she used with— who felt like the family she never had.

Visit the Recovery section of Your Life Iowa to hear these stories and more. We hope that you will see that you are not alone. You can also add your own recovery story to inspire and support others in recovery or who are considering sobriety.

If it's time to start your recovery journey, Your Life Iowa can direct you to recovery-oriented behavioral healthcare providers, community support and other recovery resources that understand the value of recovery and the impact it has on friends, families and communities. Call us at 855-581-8111, text us at 855-895-8398, or chat with us online