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Gambling Resources

What does problem gambling look like?

Tips on understanding problem gambling brochure
1-800 BETS OFFF brochure containing information on what is gambling, why people gamble too much, how to help and more.

Iowa Gambling Treatment Program reports and studies
Iowa Gambling Treatment Program studies on gambling attitudes and behaviors, youth problem gambling and more.

Gambling Responsibly
1-800 BETS OFFF brochure contains information on how to prevent problem gambling and how to identify if it’s an issue.

NCAA study on sports betting
NCAA research on gambling and collegiate athletics.

Who is at risk for problem gambling?

Internet Gambling
1-800 BETS OFFF brochure contains information on the differences in online gambling and how to identify if your online gambling is an issue.

Sports Betting
1-800 BETS OFFF brochure contains information on who is at risk, myths, and how to know when sports betting is an issue.

Gambling Myths
1-800 BETS OFFF brochure contains information on gambling myths, facts and more.

How does problem gambling impact mental health?

Effects of Problem Gambling on the Gambler article
The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) article on impacts problem gambling can have on those who experience it.

How do I help a friend or family member concerning their problem gambling?

Problem Gambling Guide for Parents
Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario PDF resource for talking to your child about problem gambling and finding support.

How can problem gambling impact friends and family?

Gambling and family: A two-way relationship article
Journal of Behavioral Addictions journal article discussing the impacts gambling can have on family members.

Families Living with Problem Gambling: Impacts, Coping Strategies and Help Seeking
The Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice journal article on the impacts gambling can have on family members.

What risks are associated with problem gambling?

What You Will Lose
1-800 BETS OFF brochure which shows signs of a gambling problem and how to get help.

Player’s Real Winnings 
1-800 BETS OFF brochure provides information on the “percent return” you actually take home when gambling.

Where can I find support and information?

20 Questions: Are you a Compulsive Gambler?
Gambler’s Anonymous offers a 20 question quiz to help you identify if your gambling is a problem.

Free online screening tools
National Council on Problem Gambling screening tools.

This is the First Step to Change
1-800 BETS OFF brochure contains information on signs of problem gambling and how to seek help.

Help Will Find You
1-800 BETS OFF brochure contains information on problem gambling being a treatable condition.  Support. encouragement and information, including warning signs and information about getting help for gambling problems.

Iowa’s Volunteer Self-Exclusion Programs brochure
1-800 BETS OFF brochure on Iowa’s Voluntary Self-Exclusion program as an option to help Iowans manage problem gambling.

Get Help Now
1-800 BETS OFF brochure contains information on whether gambling has become a problem and where to access support.

Iowa Problem Gambling Services
Iowa Problem Gambling Services information, contact information, funded by the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Tax Refunds and Reporting Gambling Losses
1-800 BETS OFF brochure on tax refunds and reporting gambling loses, tips on identifying if your gambling is an issue and more.

¿Dónde puedo encontrar recursos en español?

La biologia cerebral y el trastorno relacionado con el juego
Folleto del Departamento de Salud Pública de Iowa sobre la biología del cerebro detrás del trastorno del juego y lo que significa para el tratamiento.

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