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March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month

Did you know that 90.2% of Adult Iowans have gambled in their lifetime and that 45.8% have gambled in the past 30 days?  March is Problem Gambling Awareness month, and for approximately 13.6% of Adult Iowans, they have experienced a sign or symptom of problem gambling in the past year.  

What are the odds your teen is gambling?

Know the facts about youth gambling.

It starts with us.

You went into the law enforcement or medical field because you wanted to help others. Right now, there are people who need your help more than ever – those struggling with substance use.

Managing your mental health

When it comes to mental health, many people believe they are either excelling or in crisis. The reality is, there are various states of mental wellness from easy-to-maintain to moderate to very complex. It is important to remember that mental health is fluid.

Gift Responsibly

Gift Responsibly This holiday season Your Life Iowa is encouraging Iowans like you to think carefully before gifting lottery and other gambling products. The tabs, tickets and “scratchies” are intended for fun, adult use. They are not gifts for those under age 21. In fact, research has shown that early exposure to any form of gambling can lead to problem gambling later in life.

Strength for recovery in numbers

Meet the thousands of Iowans experiencing a sign or symptom of a mental health, substance use or gambling disorder. Your friends and family want to support you in the same way you want to support them. There are resources like Your Life Iowa where you can find expert help. You do not have to be alone.

Knowing when to help

If you are concerned about a loved one that doesn’t quite seem themselves, our recommendation is to trust your instincts. Most of the time something is in fact wrong. That’s hard to think about.  The sooner you and your loved one address the problems, the better the chances for successful treatment and recovery.

Suicide is more common than you think

As a community, we need to stop pretending suicide is not common. Instead, let us start treating suicide and thoughts of suicide as a real, tangible part of many people’s lives. When communities start talking about it openly and honestly, we have a real shot at getting our friends and neighbors the support they need. 

Start a conversation. Save a life.

You can see that something is off. Maybe it is your son, best friend, your partner. Whomever it is, you just know in your gut they are not themselves, something has changed. It is time to trust your gut.

Maintaining recovery in trying times

Life is stressful. You may not be sleeping. Your life may sometimes feel out of sorts and you just cannot seem to connect with your support system. You are not alone. Many people are right where you are.