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Student ID on lanyardYour Life Iowa  (YLI) provides free and confidential support by trained professionals for individuals experiencing a gambling, substance use, mental health, suicide or related concerns. YLI was chosen to be the statewide crisis line in January 2019.

Over the past several years Iowa has experienced a pandemic, flooding, crop failures and several derecho events that impacted many Iowans, including our students. It is important that administrators, teachers, support staff, parents and students know that YLI is at the ready to provide free and confidential support and information no matter what life might throw their way. The inclusion of YLI contact information on school student ID cards statewide ensures students will have information on how to contact YLI with them at all times.

The recently-passed House File 602 requires student identification cards to include the contact information for Your Life Iowa or any successor program. This is applicable for all student ID cards issued after July 1, 2023, statewide for students in grades 7-12. The inclusion of this information is optional for identification cards issued to students in grades 5 and 6.  

We can help you navigate this process and feel prepared to talk to your students about concerns related to mental health, thoughts of suicide, substance use and more. Please see the tabs below for design templates, education information and more.


Use the Photographer/Vendor tab below to access and download the YLI Student ID template files. Use the Administrators tab to learn more about YLI and the resources available to assist administrators, teachers, support staff, parents and students who may be experiencing a crisis or concern. The FAQs tab can help with answering common questions about YLI.

We hope that the information and resources provided will assist in a successful roll-out in each school district. Questions on the information provided or about Your Life Iowa in general can be submitted to or click Submit a Question below.


School Design Templates

Your Life Iowa has created 18 templates (9 portrait and 9 landscape) to fit the standard Student ID size (3 1/4 x 2 1/8 inches). There are several color options, as well as black and white text options without a color background. 

The Your Life Iowa (YLI) Student ID templates are based on the YLI brand and embody the goals of YLI. The YLI student ID templates are meant to create a cohesive look to educate students about YLI and the free support available 24/7 for what they may be facing.

Templates are not to be altered.


Questions can be directed to YLI using the Submit Question button below.


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