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Family and Friends

Here for you, your loved ones and friends

Seeing someone you care about struggle with alcohol, drugs, gambling, suicidal thoughts or mental health can be tough. Many of us want to help a friend or loved one, but don't know where to start.  That’s why Your Life Iowa is here for you. 24/7. 

If you’d like to explore additional resources on your own, start by clicking a button or tab below.

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 Adult Mental Health

Have you noticed a change in a loved one or friend? Maybe they’ve seemed sad or irritable for a long period of time. Maybe they’ve withdrawn from social activities and things they used to love doing. Maybe they’ve had a dramatic change in their sleeping or eating habits. 

No matter the change, you can always reach out to Your Life Iowa to help get the needed support for your friend or family member. 

When helping those we care about, it’s important to care for your own mental health needs too. See our tips for self-care here.

Other resources

  • If your family member or friend is in crisis, see our crisis services page
  • Learn about the wide range of services Community Mental Health Centers provide and find a nearby center here. 
  • From education to connecting with treatment services and supports, Iowa’s Mental Health and Disability Services regions are here for you and your family. For information and to find your region, visit the facility locator

Whether you want more information about adult mental health, would like to connect to a treatment professional or just want to talk to someone, we’re here for you. Call us, text us or chat with us online.