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Gambling Counseling – Part 4

This session will concentrate of discharge criteria and how clients with disordered gambling can show signs of increased SUD issues.


  • Participants will understand the “later” stages of recovery
  • Participants will be given tools to help in the discharge and integration of the recovering disordered client back into self-care.

Gambling: Finances – Part 1

This session will introduce the importance of restoring finances is in the recovery of addictions both SUD and Gambling Disorder.   


  • Participants will understand the important role of restoring finances as a foundation of recovery
  • Participants will understand the role of finances and money in the progression and recovery of gambling disorder.

Gambling Counseling – Part 1

 This session will introduce the timelines and milestones to be achieved in the “crisis” stages or recovery.


  • Participants will understand the “crisis” stage of disordered gambling recovery.
  • Participants will be given some tools to help aid in helping clients in the initial “crisis” stage if recovery.

Gambling: ASAM Criteria-Part 1

This session will compare and contrast the Gambling Disorder ASAM criteria with the Substance Use Disorder ASAM criteria to assist with placement.


  • Participants will understand the use of ASAM criteria to determine placement of gamblers in treatment.
  • Participants will understand how to use ASAM criteria to develop an initial treatment plan.