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One in seven people nationwide have a substance use disorder

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 14% of American adults – or one in seven – report experiencing a substance use disorder.

Substance use disorders have many causes. Many people start using substances to cope with hard situations or circumstances. Sometimes it's stress, trauma or a mental health issue. Opioid use disorders can begin after doctor prescribes an opioid for pain relief. Anyone can develop a substance use disorder. No matter their age, gender, income or life experience.

When substance use results in health problems or interferes with life, it's time to get help. A substance use disorder is a disease and like other, treatment can help.

Iowa offers various types of services and resources to help and assist Iowans, no matter the age. Every day, individuals learn to take back their lives from addiction.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind while looking for help: 

  • You'll work with an addictive disorder professional. Their goal is to help individuals along their recovery journey.   
  • Programs assign patients to a treatment team.  Team members are licensed or certified professionals (nurses, psychologist, psychiatrist, recovery coaches, recovery navigators, etc.).  They also support the individual in meeting their goals.
  • Programs invite family members to be part of treatment.  It is important for families to be part of the treatment process.  This helps with their understanding of addiction, treatment and recovery.  
  • Ongoing support is also important.  Your treatment team members will support you after leaving treatment.  This could be ongoing counseling, recovery coaching, sober housing or even employment support.

Your Life Iowa can help you connect with treatment resources near you. We'll provide a supportive, listening ear. You can also find more information about substance use under our Resources page.