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It starts with us.

(Published March 11, 2022)

See the person.  Not the addiction.

Purple square with professional individuals and the words "It starts with Us."You went into the law enforcement or medical field because you wanted to help others. Right now, there are people who need your help more than ever – those struggling with substance use. 

By reassuring them that people do care about them and they deserve respect, you can help reduce the stigma surrounding addiction. You can help change the narrative around how individuals with substance use disorders see themselves and how they’re seen by others. You also help set an example for your peers.

Your Life Iowa is here to help you support your patients and community members struggling with substance use. Our non-judgmental, knowledgeable counselors are available 24/7 to provide assistance over the phone; we also have many informational and easily accessible resources on our website. 

You can access free digital promotional materials for the "It starts with us" campaign in the Your Life Iowa Media Center.

Remember - when we offer compassion and understanding to those who are struggling, we can help them get the help they want and deserve. It starts with us.

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