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Material Use Authorization

YLI Media Center Authorization and Terms of Use

All materials and resources for download, digital use, or printing on the YLI Resource Center are the property of Your Life Iowa (YLI), a program of Iowa HHS. The inclusion of these advertisements does not imply that YLI, Iowa HHS, or the state of Iowa necessarily endorses, recommends, or favors any particular organization, agency, or employee and none should be inferred.

Iowa HHS consents to the addition of an agency or organization logo, but not to the replacement of the YLI or Iowa HHS logo on YLI Resource Center materials, as space allows. The foregoing limited right does not grant users any ownership over materials and resources in the YLI Resource Center.  

  • The purpose of the materials is to educate and inform the public about gambling, substance use, mental health (adult and children), suicide and related concerns.

  • The agency, organization, or employee representing the user institution agrees to follow license agreements regarding materials and resources. 

  • YLI, not a contractor or employee, owns the creation and ideas of the materials and resources and all intellectual property rights. 

YLI (and Iowa HHS) is not responsible for the content of advertisements provided by outside agencies or organizations. Altering the materials or resources is strictly prohibited. By downloading the materials or resources the user and their organization agree to the use for the designated time period and medium or mode of the licensing agreements. YLI (and Iowa HHS) does not authorize alterations, changes, manipulations, or re-use of content or images from the YLI Resource Center for commercial or personal purposes outside the scope of this authorization.  

While YLI strives to make the information provided as timely and accurately as possible, YLI (and Iowa HHS) make no claims, promises, or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the contents of the materials and resources, and expressly disclaims liability for errors and omissions in the contents of the materials or resources.

YLI reserves the right to remove resources and materials at any time and without written or verbal notice. The user agrees to follow the directive of representatives of YLI should a request be made for the removal or editing of resources or materials created by YLI and executed or published by the user. Any unauthorized use of YLI Resource Center materials or resources is prohibited and may result in civil and criminal prosecution or other legal enforcement actions.

Revised June 2023