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“Leveling Up” in How We Understand & Address the Convergence of Youth Gaming & Gambling

We have seen the convergence of video gaming and gambling for some time now, notably with things like loot boxes and social casino games. What is the latest research on convergence and trends, including the influence of COVID-19?   In this session, we will cover ground on key things you need to know, commonalities and differences between gaming and gambling disorder, and what we can do to help address –and leverage -- these increasingly important issues from prevention to treatment.

1-800-BETS OFF: Be #1 at Getting Help

This session will take participants through the qualitative research used to create the current 1-800-BETS OFF campaign, and how to best use the materials to assist prevention, treatment, and responsible gaming efforts.


  • Learn about the steps in the qualitative research process
  • Learn how the research impacted campaign design
  • Understand how to utilize and leverage key messaging.

No recording available for this webinar.