What is it?

Methamphetamine is a seriously addictive stimulant and is most commonly a white, odorless and crystalline powder. Based on substance use disorder admissions and prison admissions, methamphetamine continues to be one of the primary drugs of choice in Iowa.

Side effects: 

Common short term effects include increased attention and activity, decreased appetite, euphoria or “rush,” rapid heartbeat and an increased body temperature. In the long term, consequences include addiction, paranoia, hallucinations, repetitive involuntary movements, brain structure changes, reductions in thinking and motor skills, memory loss, aggression, mood swings and severe dental problems.


Crank, crystal, meth, and ice are common slang terms for methamphetamines.

  • The Meth Project The Meth Project is a large-scale prevention program aimed at reducing first-time meth use through public service messaging, public policy, and community outreach.

  • National Indian County Methamphetamine Initiative There are lots of cool things about being native. Meth isn't one of them. An anti-methamphetamine ad campaign for a Native American audience. 

  • Meth Awareness A USDOJ site that includes a images of meth, meth labs, photos of users, effect on users, more.

  • Just Think Twice A youth oriented site created by the DEA's Demand Reduction Program.

  • In The Know Zone: Amphetamine Comprehensive site with amphetamine photos, history, statistics, street Names.


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