Still Water Recovery Counseling and Wellness Services

Services Offered: 
Alcohol/Drugs Treatment
Substance Use Evaluation
Adult Male and Female; Youth Male and Female
1120 Depot Lane SE Suite 100
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401

Still Waters Recovery & Wellness has a client-friendly atmosphere in a professional office setting with evidence-based, progressive services. Our programs are tailored to each client depending on individual circumstances and needs. Still Waters focuses on matching the needs, experiences and goals of each individual with the right amount and extent of treatment. Our core philosophy is holistic and rooted in the idea that lasting recovery is built on a foundation of fulfilling your purpose and living your best life possible. We have several available treatment options including teletherapy, internet meetings, gamification programs, independent learning and faith-based programs. Still Waters Delivers high quality service along with an individual focus making us a premium service at a fraction of the cost.

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