Alcohol and Drug Dependency Services (ADDS)


Services Offered: 
Alcohol/Drugs Treatment
Adult Male and Female
910 Cottonwood Court
Burlington, IA 52601
Des Moines
Fee Assistance (State Funded)

River Cross is a treatment program that takes place in a 15-bed community based residential care facility and serves adults dually diagnosed with mental illness and substance use and addictions. Services are completely voluntary, the client is the center of their own treatment plan development and they must work on goals throughout the duration of their treatment.  In this setting, ADDS only provides the substance use treatment at the intensive outpatient level.

Admission Criteria

  • ·         Habilitation Assessment justifying intensive 24 hour services
  • ·         Substance abuse evaluation indicating intense outpatient treatment is needed
  • ·         Medical clearance and testing completed with client’s regular physician
  • ·         Must be an adult
  • ·         Must not be a registered sex offender
  • ·         Must have a primary diagnosis of a chronic mental illness and also have a diagnosis of substance use/abuse disorder

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