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Health Literacy – Your Guide to Better Health

Health literacy - the ability to find, understand and use information and services to inform health-related decisions and actions – is vital for wellness. Having access to a one-stop resource for information, care and support is important to healthy living. It's important to YLI too.  We'll walk beside you, providing tools, guidance and hope for better health. 

Low health literacy is more prevalent among older adults, minority populations, individuals who have low socio-economic status, and medically underserved people. Your Life Iowa reduces barriers to care by providing a free, accessible entry point to Iowa’s crisis services network. Our 24/7 support services are available to all Iowans, regardless of demographics, income, or diagnosis.

Patients with low health literacy may have difficulty locating providers and services, seeking preventative health care, and knowing the connection between risky behaviors and health. A Your Life Iowa counselor can connect callers with local services and provide prevention information and support. Your Life Iowa also provides free informational and prevention materials in our media center.

When you’re feeling unsure about health care decisions, Your Life Iowa is the trusted 24/7 resource for questions or concerns about substance use, gambling, mental health or suicidal thoughts. YLI respects the courage it takes to reach out. There is no judgment, just help.