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For the truly rotten days

woman looking at phone with a look of concern(Published September 1, 2022)

“I’m so stressed out. I think it’s all going to fall apart.” That was the first thing she said when the counselor answered Your Life Iowa’s hotline. As Jane* continued talking, it became clear that she was having a truly rotten day. From the moment she rolled out of bed to the last meeting at work, she had that feeling of not quite fitting in her own skin and her carefully laid plans were crumbling.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

These kinds of days can be especially challenging for Iowans who struggle to maintain their mental health or who live with a substance use disorders. It can stir up a well of insecurity or have you considering old habits – even if momentarily.

So, what should you do on a day like this? Reach out to your support network. Call a friend or a parent – whoever has your back on your selfcare journey. And when those people aren’t available, reach out to Your Life Iowa. You can message, text or call, and instantly find an engaged ear and supportive voice to help you navigate the stress, anxiety or fear. There is no moment or pain point too trivial. Your Life Iowa encourages you to call for support early and often. Because when you face and embrace a small triggering moment with a partner, it’s easier to overcome. And easier to keep your wellness goals long-term.

So, kudos to Jane. She reached out and found an ally to listen to, Your Life Iowa. This small, brave action on the most rotten of days helped her keep her balance in life and focused on managing the moment.

*not their real name