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Brain Injury and You!

(Published June 5, 2018)

Each year, approximately 30,000 Iowans experience a brain injury that results in a visit to an emergency department, admission to a hospital or death. Traumatic brain injuries, sometimes called concussions, are commonly caused by a fall, motor vehicle crash, assault or a sports injury, and can sometimes go undiagnosed. 

Brain injuries can result in a variety of changes. These changes can range from cognitive (changes in thinking, problem solving, judgement or memory), to physical (weakness, coordination problems, sleep problems, seizures or changes in sense such as touch, hearing and vision), or behavioral (difficulty with social skills, inappropriate or aggressive behavior, mood swings, depression).  If you have experienced changes following an injury, you may have had a brain injury. 

If you have a known or suspected brain injury, there is help. The Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa offers a free and confidential service to help you connect to services and supports in your community. Click here for more information; to talk to staff at the Brain Injury Alliance, call 855-444-6443 or email